Beagles tend to be very prone to yeast infections...

It shows up in the ears, as a bad odor, accompanied by head-shaking on the part of your dog.  It shows up around the mouth as a brown area around their lips and in folds, and on the top of their feet.  It makes them itchy... especially in heat and humidity.  Left unchecked, on the skin, or in the ear, it can lead to serious conditions.  Doing some proactive prevention can ensure your Beagle avoids this itchy bacteria.

Everything festers in the mouth. They lick their feet and genitals and spread the yeast.

To help combat it, add a good probiotic on EVERY meal. I use Nature’s Farmacy ProBiotic Max.  A good probiotic for Beagles should have ACIDOPHILUS that can be found in some yogurts (very fattening though). That is why I just use a good probiotic.  Maintaining good gut health can keep it in check.

To prevent, or cure, yeast forming in the folds around the mouth and lips, wipe sides of mouth after every meal and heavy drinks. Wipe once a day with hydrogen peroxide.

Remember... Acidophilus is important.

On the feet, I use a wipe called VetraSeb CK  you can get it on Amazon or from your vet. Just wipe between toes and top of foot where they lick.   You can also soak your Beagle`s feet in epson salts bath a couple times a week. 

EARS:  Vinegar is a natural antibacterial and anti-yeast.

As an alternative, or change, use some Apple cider vinegar - just dilute it with water and wipe around mouth outside each day.

White or Apple cider vinegar has long been known for its many uses, including everything from salad dressings to cleaning agent. So it should be of no surprise that it has long been touted for its yeast-fighting abilities, in both humans and animals, for the skin, ears and wherever else the fungus has decided to take residence. It can be applied topically, diluted with water, as an after-bath rinse, used to clean ears and added to food and/or water. The important thing is to remember to buy it organic, raw and unfiltered.  Other  available ear treatments include:

Zymox OTIC ear drops with Hydrocortisone

Douxo, a gentle, soothing, antibacterial micellar ear cleaner.

Acidic, drying, deodorizing products such as Glycozoo Otic, EpiOtic Advanced, and MalAcetic Ultra, which also help maintain the proper ear pH.

A topical therapy called Zn4.5Otic with zinc, amino acids, and boric acid (which is anti-yeast) to help heal the microenvironment of the ear and stave off repeat infection.

Thank you to Dina Stenz for  sharing her experiences, with this article.

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