About Us

I am Lori Norman, a Preservation Breeder, proud Supporting Member of the National Beagle Club of America, and AKC Breeder of Merit, who has been showing Beagles since 1965, and breeding since 1970.  I do limited breeding.  My family has been involved with dogs and dog shows for three generations.  Until she passed away last Fall, my mom (Carol Norman) and I raised and showed our Beagles together for many years.  Now the legacy continues. 

As a Preservation Breeder, I do not breed for quantity..... rather I seek to produce good representations of the breed - validating the quality of puppies produced by showing at AKC conformation events.  This assures any buyer that the Beagle is what it should be.  Additionally, all of my breeding dogs are Health-tested for Heart, Thyroid, Hips, Patella, and Eyes, and certified through OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) and DNA-tested for genetic issues through Embark or UC Davis (VGL).  Health is paramount to any puppy produced here.  And finally, the pups are raised in my home and interact with people and kids frequently.  They are well socialized, litter box trained, and happy.  

Although I love showing the dogs, the most important thing that I want for my babies, is for them to be in a home and part of a family.  They are social dogs, and want to do things with you.  Many people find it fun to have their pups be a show dog long enough to become a Champion.... we don't charge extra to do that for you.  It is a fun social event!  There are also many performance events that you and your dog can enjoy together.  Agility is fun, the Steeplechase of dogs, where you have jumps, weave poles, and tunnels.  Obedience is the drill event, where you can progress through levels of commands and Titles.  Barn Hunt is a natural event for Beagles - they search an area of hay bales (and tunnel) for a rat in a cage.  

Scentwork/Nosework teaches you and your dog to search for items (contraband) hidden in many life situations.  Dock Diving is where your dog jumps into a pool of water to retrieve what you throw.  Fast CAT is a timed 100 yard dash.  So you can see there are many events that you and your dog can partner for, in competitions.  For each of these, and more, your dog can earn Titles.  What a great bond it creates between your Beagle and your family.  But for those who are looking for just a couch buddy, they are naturals!  All of our Champions are also family pets.

These Beagles are from show lines, not field lines, so are not normally good hunters.... just good trackers.  They are bred to be companions.  I am very proud of my dogs, and am lucky enough to have a huge extended family of puppy owners that I've met over the years.  As a Preservation Breeder, I am always there for the lifetime of the dog, so I hear from people anytime they have a question about anything related to their dog.  I do this for the love of Beagles and want to share this joy with others who feel the same.  Feel free to browse the site and enjoy some of the candid photos of our dogs through the years, and show photos for those who entered the ring.  We welcome  any Beagle related questions you may have.